Gathering Place

Caspar Heinemann with Penny Goring, Mira Mattar, Nat Raha, Alex Margo Arden

25 February 2016, 7 – 9pm


i was learning abt bioregional animism and i am v suspicious of the political undertones but we live in a city which is around a river, and that is at least something like a big body or gut (small body). so i have been thinking about dietary changes and establishing healthier circadian rhythms or sleep hygiene and You Won’t Believe This One Crazy Tip cures for the hangovers we call ‘place names.’ gentrification vs. ley lines under the sun/Shard (the place of ‘all this’ when posting photos of trees or places you live to share w the ones you love is a mourning ritual skipped out on death rites.) i mean i want want to mean something un/sustainable outside business as usual.

thanks to other storytellers thanks for helping if you want

Introduction by Caspar Heinemann
Readings by Penny Goring, Mira Mattar, Nat Raha
Room scent by Alex Margo Arden
Event image: Alex Margo Arden, 2015






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