La Tarantella

Ariane Schick

4th June 2017 – 17th June 2017
Exhibition opening: Saturday 3rd June 2017, 5-8pm
With a reading of Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House at 6pm


La Tarantella is both a fast-paced traditional dance and a solo dance performed by ‘victims’ of a presumed spider bite. The dance was later applied as a cure for the behaviour of neurotic women. The work is a series of prints on pages on pink paper. The images, from many sources, have no theme, yet hint at the possibility of a web of pseudo narratives. An audio piece runs alongside these featuring read excerpts of Sex and the City transcripts textured with voices and other interruptions.

The prints and audio are accompanied by a reading of Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House for the opening of the show, as a way to contextualise the work within this source material.

The print, audio and reading suggest a somewhat organised yet frantic state that in turn prompts ideas of both captivity and identity.

Ariane Schick (b. 1984, Ashford, UK) is a London based artist. She graduated from the Beaux Arts in Paris and the Royal Academy in London. Her work explores subconscious social experiences. Through a varied practice her work activates muscle memory by engaging the viewer’s emotions, memories and desires, both learned and programmed.

Recent group exhibitions include (DYS)-TROPISM and Masha at Super Dakota (Brussels), Pure Boar Bristles and Nylon Tufts at Podium (Oslo), After Photography at Alain Gutharc (Paris), Triple Flute at Westminster Waste (London), Unhide at Smart Objects (Los Angeles) and Art and Chips at MOT International (London). Recent solo exhibitions include Casual Throws at Super Dakota (Brussels) and A Throw of Fifteen-Love at 55 Gansevoort (New York). She is represented by Super Dakota (Brussels).









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