To tame a pack of dogs, Zara

Fleur Melbourn
Kate Mackeson

2nd December 2017 – 21st January 2018
Exhibition Opening: Friday 1st December 2017, 6 – 9pm


I was dressed in a red wool suit and a light brown wool coat. It’s necessary to be straight when you –
I checked my appearance. My dark curly hair, light make-up, and dark red suit made me look like a –
I told myself to stay guarded, slow and calm.

Facing me was a rectangular white wall. A few feet below this white wall and to it’s right, single stairs with no back move upwards. Further to the right, another large rectangular white wall. Set in this wall, one third of its width further right, an absolutely black hallway. Above this white wall, empty space; above the empty space, a white hanging rectangle means a room. I had a raging desire to sully these walls. There’s nothing around them. A double helix of rubberised escalators, a hall and a dropped ceiling. Rendered plaster, track spots and a heavy linen. Each style was derivative.

She continues to colonise my cells. I bet if you checked our DNA, you’d find some potent transfections between us. Her saliva must have the viral vectors. Surely to her darter-tongue1 kisses have been irresistible.

How would we sort things out? Canine, consumer, estate-agent, thief, colluder.

One of us goes after a girls name and one of us is female; one of us is investigated as a business model and the other wants a look; one of us is prime real estate the other follows their nose; one of us is subservient, the other pisses on a rocky coast. Four legs, two pairs.

1 Tonge darter
A person, usually female, whose tongue darts out to wet their lips just before kissing.



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