Chrome Villa

Francesca Blomfield
Col Self

24th May 2018 – 29th June 2018
Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 23rd May 2018, 6 – 9pm

head to the morphing state at sun down. like clouds coming over a storm over the face as it changes. and i’m writing to you at the night dawn. industrial cream for protection. at night all words turn to the form of lattes dripping through fingers. creme brûlée with wax tops. my home is filled with smoke. i write alone. the residue of cocaine, ketamine and ecstasy drips down the walls. my home is asthma and sertaline. windows brushed with the eucalyptus that survives all winter. backlit joy fresh squirt and the whiff of the apocalyptic in a spray bottle. cream colour gum and the trance of silly string and myelin sheath. poisonous shades of colours. peeling off all your belonging like clothes as you walk into the sea. a woman walks past crying. the shade of the night is vivid and sharp and teases my thinnest tendons out through my pores. the new organ the membrane of the stomach looks when held up exactly like a flat cap mushroom but it is yellow and pink with red ivy spines. the verbal arts. the sickness. goblin fruit…

— extract from Night Box by Jennifer Boyd, written to accompany the exhibition Chrome Villa at ANDOR.
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Francesca Blomfield lives and works in London and is studying MA painting at the Royal College of Art (2017-2019). Solo shows include: War Hammer, Barbican Arts Trust, London (2017) and International Treaty, The Horse Hospital, London (2015). In 2015 Francesca Blomfield was awarded the Jerwood Painting Fellowship which concluded with a U.K touring show (2016-2017).

Col Self lives and works in London and is currently completing an MA in Contemporary Art Practice from the Royal College of Art (2016-18) after graduating from the Slade in 2012 in Fine Art Media. Recent exhibitions (2017/2018) include: The New Darkroom, Dyson Gallery, London; I Want My Ideal Paste, Kelder Gallery, London; The Sacred Screen/ The Sacred 419, The Square Gallery, London; 16 Artists 16 Days, The Koppel Project, London; Revive! Galitzine Mackenzie, London.

Jennifer Boyd is a writer working in text and sound who has been published in Afterall, After Us and SALT. and recently released ‘A Theory for the Strange-Girl: Raw Red Text’ with COUNTRY MUSIC, and was the writer for a duo of books, ‘Skinned’ and ‘Detouched’ by artist Alice Channer.


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