Just Doing Something

Michael Pybus

2 September – 2 October 2011
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 1st September 2011, 6-9pm


Yesterday I missed a connection and the story of my signature faded away. It was a quality anyone would love and now it’s gone I will always live in a panic zone.
Remember this was a last ditch effort for a dying tomorrow. I found myself surrounded by transparent fans.

Nothing else seemed to matter as I basked in their empty glow BLACK HOLE. I needed a world free from obituaries and general viewing. With expert tips and useful information I could make it on my own and screw you over. She died of an overdose. You didn’t reply. Just smile and pretend everything and everyone is ok. You could see I wasn’t serious yet. That was the end. I still have hairy legs. I thought I was going somewhere but my climb had been neutralized so for now lets just make some limited edition emotions. All sales are final. Oh and never forget other people are a dangerous place. HA HA HA.










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