She Knocked Aggressively at the Door, She Shouted Aggressively at the Gate

Claire Hooper

4th June – 12th June 2016
Exhibition Opening: Friday 3rd June 2016, 6 – 9pm


She Knocked Agressively at the Door, She Shouted Aggressively at the Gate, has been designed by artist Claire Hooper in response to the architecture of ANDOR’s gallery space, as part of an on going project concerning the ancient Summerian myth – The Descent of Inanna to the Underworld. The ambitious installation explores recurring themes in Hooper’s practice, creating spaces through carefully manipulated fabric constructions. The gallery becomes a complex mixture of ancient and modern cultural references, representing both the contemplative and the hostile potential of spiritual and religious architecture. Suspending space as an alterpiece, as obscure reliquary, and as a stage for the artist’s own performative action.

Claire Hooper (1978) lives and works in London. Recent solo exhibitions include Clay as Bread and Dust as Wine, Hollybush Gardens, London, 2016; Fig 2, no. 7, exhibition (in collaboration with Maria Loboda), ICA studio, London, 2015; Ziggurat, Claire Hooper and Paul Simon Richards, Chandelier Projects at Edel Assanti, London, 2015; Claire Hooper, Bonner Kunstverein, Germany, 2014; Claire Hooper, Vanity Projects, New York, 2013; Lotheringer 13, Munich  2011.

Hooper was awarded the prestigious Baloise Art Prize in 2010, presenting her video Nyx (2010) at Art Statements at Art Basel that year, and subsequently showing the film at Mumok Museum, Vienna, in 2011/12. This film was the first of a trilogy of award- winning and influential film works by Hooper interweaving characters and concepts from Greek Mythology: Nyx (2010), Eris (2011) produced by Picture This, Bristol, and Aoide (2011) commissioned by Lothringer 13 , Munich.

Eris: the path of Er, was presented with a live score at the ICA, London, in 2012. Hooper has conducted performances and film screenings internationally, she was shortlisted for the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2013, and the Jarman Award in 2011.

Group exhibitions include The Mardin Biennale, Turkey, International and Extra Terrestrial, Mars Gallery, Los Angeles, 2015; An Archeology, Zabludowicz Collection curated by Elizabeth Neilson, London, 2012; Keys to our Heart, an online streaming program curated by Fanny Gonella and Burkhard Meltzer, 2012; Songs of the Swamp, WUK, Vienna, 2011; Young London, V22, London, 2011; Flaca: Tom Humphreys, Portikus, Frankfurt, 2011.

Hooper is represented in London by Hollybush Gardens.






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